Are you stretched too thin?
Are you sacrificing your free time to make sure you don’t get behind?

Are you losing opportunities?
Are good opportunities slipping through the cracks?

Are tasks piling up?
Does it seem like work never ends?

Office Advisor has the best industry-trained staff ready to work when you are.
Revolutionizing the hiring of front and back-office staff

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Many small businesses are discovering that they can significantly reduce and maximize resources through the strategic use of outsourcing. Managers know that hiring and ramping up in-house staff requires a huge commitment of both time and money. Outsourcing requires less investment of your time and money. Offshore outsourcing to a lower-cost country such as the Philippines, India, or Columbia enables small businesses to stretch their resources further.

Our team assists you in finding highly skilled professionals and experienced talent. Managed by you, employed by us. Your offshore employees are embedded in your team, aligned with your company values and mission, and work directly for you. At Office Advisor, LLC we take care of all the rest.

Understanding Your Goals

Understanding your business is a priority for Office Advisors. Every business is unique, and your success depends on the quality of the employees that you hire. We offer a new Approach to staffing and training to support the goal of reducing turnover and increasing retention. All employees go through a rigorous 60 day training program designed to fit your business at no cost to you. We train them in the computer programs you are using, and all customer service skills needed. All while maintaining excellent customer care.

About Us

Office Advisors LLC, started as a small management company that utilized offshore staffing for their own businesses. As we saw the potential for our own businesses, we decided to share the good fortune with others and help facilitate staffing for others. We know how to implement this in your business because we did it in ours.

Our Expertise

Discover success with Office Advisor LLC. We are revolutionizing the hiring of front and back-office staff. We have developed a new approach to reducing turnover of employees, loss of time looking for the perfect new hire, and employee retention.

We specialize in building dedicated teams that function as seamless local staff, with minimal start-up risk, control, and long-term investment. We offer an experienced, highly motivated professional team to oversee your outsourcing team.

Above all, it is very important that our clients feel that we can provide them with a customized solution to their staffing needs. We conduct each aspect of our business with the highest level of professionalism. With years of industry expertise, we succeed when you succeed.

Labor cost for NEW staff hires through Office Advisor normally run 50 -70 % less than equivalent staff in local markets. Our straightforward pricing, which includes salaries, taxes, and benefits. Also included are all support and infrastructure costs. Making it easier than ever to focus on core business.


Offshore Recruitment/Onboarding and HR Support:

We know the importance of finding reliable employees to assist you with your business needs. We’ll handle screening, recruitment and matching what you are looking for in an employee to help your business thrive.


Find your Perferct Job Match.

How Our Services Work

At Office Advisor, our services are designed to streamline your job search and empower you to achieve your career goals. We follow a straightforward process to ensure that you receive the personalized support you need:

Customized Staffing Solutions:

Customized staffing allows you to keep control of monthly charges. Our dedicated team allows you to have greater flexibility in choosing your perfect candidate. This addition allows the business owner to have the freedom to increase efficiency and cost savings. In short, in proving the bottom line. We aspire to provide our partners with competitive rates, and quality offshore employees that are a perfect fit for your organization.

Offshore Recruitment/Onboarding and HR Support:

We know the importance of finding reliable employees to assist you with your business needs. We’ll handle screening, recruitment and matching what you are looking for in an employee to help your business thrive.

Our Offshore Staffing Services:

  • Virtual/Remote Assistance
    Tasks and To-do list piling up? Let a virtual assistant from Office Advisor take those out of your hand so you can get focused on your growing business.
  •  Customer Service Representative
    Establishing connections with your clients/customers is the secret to a successful business. Let our Office Advisor directly interact with them whether it’s over the phone or in your lobby as a Virtual Receptionist.
  • Back Office Support
    We know running a business takes a lot of work behind the scenes. Our office advisor can provide whatever kind of back-office support you need to make sure your business runs smoothly.

24/7 Employee / Technical Support:

Our support staff and tech teams work closely with our clients and their Representatives to make sure that you feel as if your new employee is right down the Hall. We are available 24/7 to provide ongoing support. Whether you have questions, Need additional assistance, or want to explore further opportunities, our team is just a Phone call or email away. We pride ourselves with greatg customer service and Communication.

Proven Expertise:

Our dedicated team of experts brings years of industry experience to guide your new employee. Office Advisors LLC possesses in-depth knowledge, staying current with trends and best practices, ensuring you receive a top-notch prospective employee.

Global Reach:

We have eligible candidates spanning from around the world. Office Advisor likes to give companies a variety of services depending on what your company is looking for. Our dedicated team screens, trains, and matches to ensure the best candidate assists in the development of growth of your company.

Why Partner With OA:

  • Focus on higher revenue generation.
    Our partners can delegate tasks to OA employees so that they can focus on higher profit margins to grow their business.
  • Wide array of business that can benefit from offshore staffing.
  • Dedicated resources
  • Cost effective.

Quality Assurance:

We provide skilled personnel to work as an extension of your team. The focus is to ease The business owner. We will be matching world class talent with your specific needs.
• Sourcing
• Skill assessment
• Diversity
• Signing a letter of commitment
• Transparent offers

Years Experience

Expert Trainers

Collabration with Companies

Satisfied Customers

Success and Job Placement:

OA is dedicated to understanding your business goals and the specific requirements of the positions you are looking to fill. We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your company culture, values, and the skills and qualifications needed for each role. The key aspect of this success is finding the right talent and ensuring effective job placement. We conduct thorough assessments and interviews to ensure a strong fit between the candidate and your company.

We are excited to embark on this journey with you and make your success our priority. Let’s take the first step together by scheduling a consultation.

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How much does this cost?
Typically, a candidate will cost around $1200.00 to $1800.00 per month depending on the skill level required for your position. This includes all taxes, fees, and benefits to the candidate.
What hours will my remote employee work?
Employees will work the same work hours your business is open and after hours if necessary.
What languages do candidates speak?
We have candidates who speak a wide variety of languages. We can usually accommodate employees that will fit any language needs.
How long does this entire process take until I have a new employee?
It usually takes 3-4 weeks to implement a new employee. This is so we can train them on your specific job duties before they are integrated into your business. If you are looking for a customer service representative the time frame is much shorter.
What platform do you specialize in?
We have many platforms that our employees are trained to operate. Our main platforms are Brightree, Salesforce, Microsoft, 8×8, Ring Central, and many more.
How do you pick an employee?
Office Advisor does the initial screening to provide you with several potential candidates that you can interview and select a candidate that fits your business.
How do I communicate with my employees?
You can use the existing platforms that are already available within your business. Most businesses are already using programs such as Microsoft Teams, Ring Central and 8×8.